What we are: We feature fine wines from around the world in all price ranges. Guests come to WineTastic for the expansive selection of unique wines from around the world in a casually elegant atmosphere and the superior service from our knowledgeable and highly trained staff including a Sommelier. Passionate about wine and always respectful of its traditions and culture, we prefer a relaxed style of service at WineTastic. We are always on hand to talk to customers about the wine they like to drink, and to help educate those who are interested to learn more.

How we do it: Since our wine selections change so often, we are not reduced to a static "wine list", our well-chosen "retail wine cave" acts as an ever-changing wine list. In the mood for a bottle? Peruse the "retail wine cave," which has all of our selections arranged by varietals - from the lightest whites to heaviest reds. If you canít decide on a wine, ask one of our experienced staff members or Sommelier, who can walk you through the wines to determine what strikes your fancy on that particular day.

  What we do: WineTastic sells wine "by the glass, by the taste, the bottle, and the case." Our goal is to provide you with the exact wine experience you are seeking Ė from a casual glass of wine after work to a wine tasting with friends or a more formal event under the direction of our Sommelier. In other words, enjoy fine wine in a hip and cozy atmosphere. Our wine prices are based on a retail model and not a restaurant model, so you will never experience the "sticker shock" of seeing your favorite wine priced three or even four times its retail price like you may on a restaurant wine list. We have extensive "by the glass" selections, with wines from around the world. Since we change our selections often, we're happy to help you find just the right wine for you.

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